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Day 5 of GDC.

Sorry for taking so long with the update everyone, had to leave and catch a plane pretty early on the friday night and the thought kept slipping my mind!

Saw Erik Brudvig talk about the process of games being reviewed, certainly a bit of insight that I hadn’t seen before.

Janus Rau Sorensen talked about methods of detecting player frustration in Kane and Lynch 2, certainly interesting.

After taking a bit of time to talk with a few people on the expo floor, I missed an opportunity to talk to James Portnow, can’t blame anyone for being busy though, hopefully I can get in contact with him and a few others, we surely don’t mind hearing words of wisdom around here.

Last talk of GDC that I attended was Elan Ruskin’s discussion on fuzzy logic pattern matching for dialogue, basically just a run down on some of the ways Valve empowered their writers, sure was a good discussion.

Overall, I’d call the experience to be pretty positive, hopefully we can raise funds to attend next year, but GDC 14 will be a definite attendance.

Day 4 of GDC.

Checked out Scott Lawlor’s talk about the music of Fallout: New Vegas, some pretty interesting stuff regarding music layers, always amazing how much work can go into something that’s so simple on the outside layers.

NVIDIA was presenting talks on APEX Clothing and Destruction using UE3, That’ll be helpful for our current project in the UDK.

NVIDIA also showcased some of their new Tegra platform tablets, running down basic android development.

Day 3 of GDC.

Attended the IGF and Game Developers Choice awards, congratulations to all the award winners.

I also took a look at many of Sony’s presentations, very good to see such a large company having a much more open stance towards development.

Day 2 of GDC.

Attended Luke Muscat from Halfbrick’s session discussing the post-launch support and updates of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, some very interesting points regarding users and frequency of updates.

Also checked out Stephane Jacoby (Square One Games) giving a presentation on the technical details on porting “A Bard’s Tale” to the iOS platform.

I was also able to get my hands on a tablet running the Tegra 3 chip by NVIDIA, sure is a powerful little thing, perhaps we’ll have a chance to use it one day.

Day 1 of GDC.

Spent the day learning a ton about DirectX 11, perhaps some of those features could see light someday in our projects?

A ton of notes were taken from the explanations of the DX11 renderer that was used in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

GDC Starting Tomorrow.

As of right now, we’re in San Francisco, CA, USA, awaiting GDC to start tomorrow so we can start making us all some new friends, we’ll update you guys on how things go, so stay tuned.