Day 5 of GDC.

Sorry for taking so long with the update everyone, had to leave and catch a plane pretty early on the friday night and the thought kept slipping my mind!

Saw Erik Brudvig talk about the process of games being reviewed, certainly a bit of insight that I hadn’t seen before.

Janus Rau Sorensen talked about methods of detecting player frustration in Kane and Lynch 2, certainly interesting.

After taking a bit of time to talk with a few people on the expo floor, I missed an opportunity to talk to James Portnow, can’t blame anyone for being busy though, hopefully I can get in contact with him and a few others, we surely don’t mind hearing words of wisdom around here.

Last talk of GDC that I attended was Elan Ruskin’s discussion on fuzzy logic pattern matching for dialogue, basically just a run down on some of the ways Valve empowered their writers, sure was a good discussion.

Overall, I’d call the experience to be pretty positive, hopefully we can raise funds to attend next year, but GDC 14 will be a definite attendance.

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