Help DDG get to 1,000 Likes

Dancing Dinosaur Games is in need of your help. Simply ‘Like‘ our Facebook page and help us reach 1,000 Likes.

But why, well this year DDG has had an excellent start in the incubator here at AIE and it has been invaluable for our little indie start up. However we need more time to bring COLLATERAL to full fruition, and AIE wants to see us succeed.

This is where the ‘likes’ come in, to ensure a greater chance of success with COLLATERAL, we need to increase our web presence. To that end we have started an initiative on our Twitter account to bring you new daily content and to increase the amount of worthwhile content we submit to our Facebook page.

But we still need your help to get the word out, spread the love and help out the little guys, so tell your family, tell your friends, ‘Like’ our page and ‘Share’.Be a part of something new and big. >>>

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