Welcome to the project page for COLLATERAL, the cyber-punk taxi-driving game.

Step into the driving seat of a highly customizable and heavily armed flying taxi in the amoral cyberpunk future of Collateral. You play as Zack Edgewater, an average Joe hover cab driver, caught between warring factions, bloodthirsty customers, and the corrupt corporations that run the city of New Bedlam. The city is under lockdown, and your goal is to earn enough favour with one of the city’s factions to gain access to passcodes that allow you to leave the city. Win favour with your chosen faction by undertaking a variety of missions that test your speed, driving skills, and accuracy, then spend your hard earned cash on a huge assortment of weapons and upgrades for your cab. Every mission you complete brings you one step closer to escaping this depraved, maniacal metropolis.

Collateral is available for early access via the Humble widget above or on Desura.

Check back to us often, as we have much more to show you!

We’re pleased to announce that Collateral is on Steam Greenlight! If you want to see Collateral available on Steam, please vote for it:

Check out our successful Kickstarter page here:


  1. Kyle Jones says:

    Hi! My name is Kyle Jones and I am a recent cancer sufferer. I was in the Hospital 2 weeks ago and I saw one of the creators mums. She told me to visit this website, so I did. I think it looks amazing, unfortunately I don’t have Facebook and I am not allowed to have it. I will for sure tell all of my family and friends. But if you see you mum, tell her I said hi, she is a nurse at the Royal Childrens Hospital. Thanks so much guys for reading my comment! :) Hope you have a fun time making this game and please keep in contact so I can speak to you guys because I want to be the first to play it and I promise I will comment everytime I come to this website.

    Have fun!
    Your Sincerelys,
    Kyle Jones

    • David says:

      Thanks for checking out our site, Kyle. We’re always glad to hear from a new fan. If you want to keep up with our development we post regular updates to this site. Hope you’re doing well. -David

  2. Nickie says:

    Hey I saw you guys at Supanova this past weekend at the AIE tent and thought the game was going great and has real potential. Even more excited to start my course now :)

    Keep up the great work.

    • David says:

      Glad you liked it, and thanks for stopping by! It’s always nice to have someone else play our game and see them enjoy it. -David

  3. jack says:

    i was wondering what platform this game is on is it pc or console

  4. Michael says:

    I was wondering when will the open beta be released? Im really looking forward to it after playing the game at the VCE Careers expo a few days ago.

    • David says:

      Hi Michael. Thanks for stopping by at the expo. We’ll be releasing the beta in the third quarter this year. At the moment we can’t be precise and we don’t want to promise a date we can’t live up to, so keep an eye out here or on our Facebook page for an announcement when the time comes.

  5. erix says:

    Is there anyway to contact you via mail?

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