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What Did You Call Me?

Hey everyone!

So whales are big and tricky. You know what’s simpler than whales? Chickens.

This week we’ve been working on some Laser Guided Chickens, brought to you by JRC. Now before you start complaining about these chickens being treated inhumanely, they signed up for combat service willingly. They chose the option where when someone shouts “Eat this!” the they get to blow up said person instead of being taken literally.

The chickens are simply guided missiles (well, they’re chickens with jetpacks and little helmets) but you control where they go by launching them and pointing at your target.


Look at those feathers fly! Such graceful creatures. Thanks for reading. –David

Industrial Strength Advertising

Long time no see, Collateral fans!

Artist Mark is back for your weekly Collateral update round-up. This week we’re going to show you a bit of the art I’ve been making for the industrial district in New Bedlam. With the billboards in this district we’re going to have a tighter focus on the various companies that you can see within. Here are just a few.

Industrial Billboard 03

Hydro Chem are a bit ol’ fashioned. In fact, I can hear the cheesy jingle now. You can see how clean and pure the water is yourself at the factory with the bright, neon glow… of the signs that is.

Industrial Billboard 02
One of the big power companies also calls the industrial district home. Fusion Industries utilize geothermal power with a renovated nuclear plant. A true fusion of industries…. Don’t think too hard about that one.

Industrial Billboard 01
Finally we have Boom-Tech, who went from humble beginnings as a fireworks department store to a multinational arms manufacturer. Now Ted can feel safe in the knowledge that he’s got a people stopper better than Bob next door.

We’ll be sure to show you more as we make them. Until then catch you all next week, and thanks for staying with us. – Mark

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Hey everyone!

If you’re not already aware, Collateral is currently part of the Indie Gala Monday Bundle! You can get early access to Collateral along with Ignite, LocoCycle, Metal Drift, Zero Gear, and Race Injection.

We’re also making progress towards our next update. The trains are moving into the industrial zone, the tunnels are looking nice, and the AI is getting a bit of a tweak. For full disclosure, the current AI is going to be scrapped and rebuilt pretty soon for a number of reasons. One being that it’s a mess and inefficient in several places, which also makes it really hard to improve on without complicating it further. So in the short term there will be a sort of prototype change to the notoriety feature that should hopefully make the Fuzz less of a pain, but after that the AI system will be completely changed, code-wise. We’re still happy with the vehicles, just not how they do stuff like move and fight, among other things.


Speaking of the industrial zone, because I was at one point there, we’re starting to think that we’re being a little uncreative with naming locations in the city. We’ll probably end up changing it so we wanted to know if any of you have any suggestions for names that would suit a weird, industrial, food-factory filled district in a city like New Bedlam?

That’s all for this week. As always, thanks for reading. –David

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