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How to Shop.

Hey guys, Mark here again for your weekly update on Collateral.

Everybody has been keeping busy over the past week (what else is new), with a lot of polishing going on. I’ve personally been polishing up some of the old vehicles, bringing them up to par with the rest of the vehicles. Also adding more varieties to the vehicles with different paint jobs applied to them, so it won’t just be Big Larry Burritos being delivered everywhere. I’ll be sure to show off those next week.

In the meantime here’s our latest tutorial video, going over the shop UI (whilst still in it’s Alpha state).

Enjoy, catch you guys/gals next week. – Mark

We’re On A Mission

Hey all, David here again.

So we’ve been doing a bunch of things lately. Rohan has been working with save files and other data IO to keep all of the player’s info in one file. Mark has been working on special weapons for the Fuzz to use. Riley has been busy working on the Fuzz headquarters, which is looking very nice. For reference, check out Mark’s concept art in the Concept Art tab.

I’ve been tinkering with weapons and seeing how the AI vehicles do with various guns. Apparently they’re quite dangerous (to you and to each other) and should not be trusted with certain powerful weapons, which we’ll be nerfing once we get to balancing, and they’re even more unpredictable with 2 different weapons. For now I think we’ll be keeping their arsenal limited for the sake of keeping the player alive long enough to do anything.

Speaking of the player doing things, here’s another tutorial video to follow on from our last update. This one’s about missions.

So, hope that’s been interesting. Thanks for reading! –David

Where to Begin

Hello everyone. Our apologies for being a few days late.

We’ve been quite busy lately, as everyone tends to be at this time of year, but we have something we hope you’ll find interesting. Today I have for you 2 videos that we made as tutorials for the current build of Collateral. The first is a general introduction and overview of the game itself.

And the second is an explanation of the game’s controls.

Eventually information like this will be worked into an in-game tutorial, but for now we’re leaving it in videos so we can work on the rest of the game. It’s also good game development practice to leave tutorials till the end in case you change something in the design later. As fun as game development is, you don’t want to have to re-script a tutorial 100 times because you keep changing a few controls or the like.

Hope you’ve enjoyed that little slice of Friday on a Monday, and keep an eye out for an on-time update this Friday too. As always, thanks for reading. -David

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