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Clowning Around

Hey everyone!

The Carnies of New Bedlam have a very particular style when it comes to getting around the city. Much like the clowns you may be familiar with, the Carnies’ Union go for bright colours, big smiles, and cars that are surprisingly spacious inside for their size.

CC-FreakedFlea WIP, 01
The Carnies’ light vehicle, the Freaked Flea, isn’t quite up to having its bright colours just yet. It may not look like much yet, however you can see it’s taking shape to reflect its concept art.

Friday Update - Final CARNIE UNION Concepts
Bit of a light update this time around (Ha, “light”. Get it?), but we’ve been trying to work around a lot of personal stuff in the past couple of weeks. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

Bugs And Faces

Hey everyone!

Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time on Collateral trying to fix some issues with weird vehicle behaviour. I’ve fixed a few things, however among the remaining issues the Big Larry El Grande will still occasionally refuse to mount their giant burrito weapons. Not quite sure what’s causing that one yet (Who wouldn’t want to carry around a giant burrito?) but I’m looking into it. On the plus side I did manage to fix the JRC Roast Fillet from spawning so that, for some bizarre reason, it looked like it was made of chrome. So there’s progress.

For something more visually interesting, here’s another look at the passenger faces that Mark has been working on. As you can see, there’s plenty of oddity and diversity in the residents of New Bedlam.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading! –David

Faces of the Future!

Hey everybody!

Mark here, back with some more content on the art front. We’ve been making strides to get the next update done, but I’m here to show off what’s coming further down the line.

Passenger Renders 03
A while ago we showed off a couple of concepts for our modular passengers, and today I bring you some newer examples of modularity. These renders were made by combining parts from 3 complete sets (3 different pairs of eyes, noses, mouths, etc), but eventually there will be a wide variety to mix and match.

Passenger Renders 02
One big critique we drew from our initial concepts was that whilst all their parts could be swapped and matched, the parts themselves were too plain for the dystopian cyber-punk future of Collateral. So I got to work on more punk hair styles, cyborg parts, facial piercings, masks, eyes, and glasses that feel more like they belong in a city like New Bedlam.

Passenger Renders 01
That’s all for now and thanks for reading! –Mark

Calling All Passengers

Hey everyone!

A lot of the gameplay in Collateral involves transporting the faceless masses of New Bedlam to their destinations. But soon that will no longer be the case! Namely because those faceless masses are getting faces.

Passenger Portraits
Cue the passenger cam. Until now passengers have just been talking to you blindly, but now that little screen will be full of faces of random strangers off the street. Currently each character is made up of a combination of different eyes, eyebrows, a mouth, a nose, jawline, neck, and haircut.

Passenger Portraits 2
Moving ahead we’re going to add more variation, things to set them apart from casual folk and make them look more like the weird denizens of New Bedlam that they are. During faction specific missions you will also see passengers with features like clown makeup, military uniforms, fast food employees, suits, bushy beards and beanies, and more.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. – Mark

El Grande Ingredients

Hey everyone!

Welcome fans and people who were looking up Mexican food! Last year we showed you a near-complete version of Big Larry’s heavy vehicle, the El Grande, and now we’ll take a look at the final product as well as some of the technical stuff that makes it look so nice and shiny.

BL- El-Grande Beauty 01

BL- El-Grande Beauty 02
We’ve talked before about what the El Grande can do. It spits out more weaponized burritos than a Taco Bill’s on a Friday night. The big difference being that you don’t have to eat these burritos to make them explosive.

BL- El-Grande Beauty 03
This week I’m going to show you some behind the scenes of the final texture maps used to make the El Grande look the way it does now.

El Grnade Texture maps
For the NPC vehicles in game we have a universal material applied to all of them, so whilst they may be different colours, shapes and sizes, they all fit together in our big rogues gallery. We have our diffuse maps which are used for colour and small details like dirt and wear. The normal maps add extra surface definition, but using the engine’s lighting to imitate various plating, bolts and vents. Lastly is our special RGB map that utilizes the map’s colour channels to do all sorts of material effects without resorting to more individual texture maps.

El Grnade Texture maps+
Each of the four channels affect different properties of the material: green for specularity, blue for glossiness, the alpha influences what glows and lastly the red shows what parts can colour within the game engine. Whilst the red channels effects aren’t as noticeable with our faction branded vehicles, it offers us an easier way to provide a variety of different versions of our regular vehicles.

And that was your little peek behind the curtain. We’ll be back next fortnight to show you more of what’s being developed. – Mark

A Fresh Start

Hey everyone!

We’re back again for the new year. We took a slightly extended new year break but we’re back to work and making some new beginnings. Specifically this week, Mark has begun work on the JRC vehicle set.

Friday Update - Final JRC Concepts
The Roast Fillet is JRC’s standard vehicle. When you sell roast chicken, you want to keep your customers’ minds focused on nothing else. How can you not think about delicious chicken when you see huge ones floating by wherever you look?

JRC - Roast Fillet WIP
Mark has just made a fresh start on it, so the model is still in the early stages but you can see it taking shape to look like the concept it was based upon.

That’s all from this week, and it’s good to be back again in 2016. Thanks for reading. –David

Speaking of Office Buildings

Hey everyone!

We were only planning to take a week off, but moving out of our old office and getting ourselves set up to work again took a little more time and effort than we expected. We’re all good now though and we’re getting back into the swing of things.

So, getting back to game-related news, let’s take a look at the progress that’s being made on an iconic structure in New Bedlam. It’s the weird and twisted (literally) headquarters of Cthulhu Corp.

Cthulhu Corp - JPEG
These pictures show our original concept art for the faction’s headquarters and the first version of the full model. The design stayed true to the original concept because we really liked the idea that the mere presence of Cthulhu Corp’s executives and higher-ups would warp the environment around them.

Cthulhu Corp Headquaters
Here you can see the updated, though still not quite finished, headquarters in its place in the upcoming CBD district of the city. The tower is surrounded by a number of other buildings that create a plaza-like area around the base of the tower. There are a few more little details that we think will help cement this building as a pretty awesome landmark, but since they’re not quite finished yet they’ll have to wait for another time.

For now, thanks for reading! –David

Feast Your Eyes

Hey everyone!

This week we bring you the updated concept sheets for the feuding fast food franchises, JRC and Big Larry.

Friday Update - Final JRC Concepts
Here you can see JRC’s bright, warm orange motif with their chicken-y flairs highlighted on each vehicle. We also have a new vehicle of theirs, the Tenders, which is smaller and more agile than the others. We went through a number of rough draft ideas for each set of vehicles, so that’s what the numbers above them are referring to.

Friday Update - Final BIG LARRY Concepts
Big Larry’s vehicles, on the other hand, are the darker compliment to their fowl rivals. The new vehicle here is the El Grande, Big Larry’s heavy vehicle, featuring a large burrito trailer. What does it contain? Could it be… your doom? Maybe you could antagonize one and find out. Or maybe you shouldn’t.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! –David

The Old Ones’ New Toys

Hey everyone!

Welcome back for the final installment of first draft faction vehicle designs, this week featuring the twisted and otherworldly vehicles of Cthulhu Corp.

Faction Vehicles 08
Cthulhu Corp vehicles began as simple yet stylish upper-class vehicles that have since been warped by the constant presence of high priests of the Great Old Ones. The results are some unusual effects on their vehicles, yet the CC marketing department were able to spin this as a good thing that gives them a very distinct style without sacrificing performance.

That’s all of the factions covered. We’ve only been showing 2 designs from each faction but we have at least one more for each to keep things interesting. Hope you like what we’ve shown so far. Thanks for reading! –David

Quickly! To The Science-mobile!

Hey everyone!

Ever had the urge to do some science and had to get to the lab in a hurry? This week we show you how Octopi does it in style.

Faction Vehicles 07
If these graceful looking vehicles weren’t floating swiftly and aerodynamically through the sky they look like they could be swimming about in the ocean. Octopi’s double helix logo works quite well as part of a rotating engine design and also provides somewhat subtle corporate advertising if they get stuck sitting in traffic.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! –David

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