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Hey everyone!

So a few of us are now in Adelaide at AVCon ready for the weekend. It’s going to be a fun couple of days of showcasing and testing. If you’re in Adelaide then be sure to come say hi!


We’ve already found a couple of new bugs since making the build yesterday and we’re already working to fix them. In fact, progress has been pretty good this week.

We started getting tired of always having to buy more ammunition, especially when it came to weapons with only a single shot. It started getting to the point where we’d mostly just use charged weapons or developer testing functions (read “cheats”) to improve things. So we thought to ourselves that we need to try something different. As such we’re trialling a reload system with this build where weapons go offline to reload after running out of ammo. This means no more trips to the store to restock your bullets, which means more time causing chaos!

Unfortunately the Whale of Mass Destruction did not get finished in time, despite the level of progress made of late. I underestimated how much needed to be done in such a short time so it’ll have to wait till next week instead. Thanks for reading! –David

Sometimes A Tunnel Is Just A Tunnel

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the dinosaur image submissions, though most were submitted to us personally rather than through comments. We’ve added them to the window and they now mercilessly block out the sun. Dinosaurs are finally getting some revenge against space!


Not pictured: Sunlight, because it’s hiding from the awesome dinosaurs.


Still no sunlight, possibly from laser interference or something.

As you may remember, we got into the top 100 on Greenlight not that long ago. Well after another bunch of games got through we’re now in the top 50!

Not long to go now until we’re Greenlit! Yay!

On a development note, you’ve seen the Green Zone and the Redlight District, and we’ve shown you previews of the Industrial Zone. Now it’s time to show you what’s in between. Behold…a tunnel!

Tunnel Update 01
Impressive, I know. And what’s more the train we showed off recently will have its track run straight through the middle of that tunnel just for some added difficulty when trying to navigate a somewhat confined space. After all, there’s nothing like routing a massive train through a tunnel. Why are you looking at me like that?

Anyway, as always thanks for reading! –David

(Also, apologies for the photos. They were taken with my phone, so the quality kinda sucks.)

(Wall-)Mounted Dinosaurs!

Hey everyone!

We have a problem. Afternoon glare is continuously blinding our art team!


So far our combination of dinosaur memes and desk assembly instructions are doing ok, but as you can see from the blank pages we need more dinosaur related stuff to help keep our artists working without the stress of dealing with natural light. (We’re game developers, so we aren’t used to it.)

If you have a favourite dinosaur-themed picture, or if you’re an artist yourself and you’ve made some awesome dino art, please share them with us and next week we’ll post a photo of our updated window defenses with our favourite new pics inserted. Please keep them PG since they will be on display in our office and no one wants to be the one to explain why there are inappropriate dinosaur pictures everywhere. I know I don’t.

Submissions can be made in the comments for everyone to enjoy, because where’s the fun in keeping all of the awesome dinosaur art to ourselves? I should point out that this isn’t a competition as such. The only “prize” is the recognition of submitting the best picture(s). Credit will be given where it’s due if the pic you submit is your own.

Hooray for audience participation! Thanks for reading (and hopefully contributing). –David

Why Did Bruce Cross The Road?

Hey everyone!

It took us a couple of days but all of our desks are built! We have an office-y looking office now! Observe as the desks seem to construct themselves like magic…

1 boxes2 some desks3 more desks4 desks

Beautiful, isn’t it? Ok, so it’s not much to look at but we’re proud of our accomplishment. Now, we won’t actually be moving in there till the start of next year in order to reduce the downtime when it comes to moving all of our computers across. As such we’ll be working from our current little summer sauna until we break for the holidays, then when we come back it’ll be straight to the new place and the joys of air conditioning. And space. And natural light. We’re kind of excited about all of this, if you couldn’t tell.

So, enough about that. In Collateral related news, we have yet another new weapon model to show you. This week it’s JRC’s turn to show off their Laser-Guided Chickens.

Faction Weapon Update - Laser Guided Chickens

The launch device preps the chickens by loading them up with a little jet pack and helmet and then propels them from the tubes. The device also projects a laser to help guide the chickens toward their target. Why would the chickens be ok with this? Well, it was this or get roasted and eaten, so why not go out in style? And besides, JRC breed their chickens to be fearless in the face of death.

That about wraps things up for this week. Thanks for reading. – David

Do You Even Lift?

Because we did… with much effort and grunting.

Today we helped out our builder who is putting our walls up for us, and we also brought our (surprisingly) heavy desks up to our new third floor office. So after being reminded about how out of shape we all are, we are well on our way to make the transition into the new office space soon.


With a majority of the heavy lifting out of the way, we just the electrician to finish the wiring, put the desks together, bring all of our equipment over, hook up all the equipment… scratch that part about having the heavy lifting out of the way.


Collateral wise; things are still coming along. I would have loved to have shown off the weapon that would rival the Rocket Propelled Burrito Launcher for your attention, JRC’s Laser-Guided Chickens (with little hats!), but my superior muscles were needed to help, so hopefully next week we’ll have more to show.


Instead of us standing about pretending that we’re experienced movers.

Much desk. Such heavy. Wow. – Mark

More Moving Madness

Hey everyone!

Seems like only yesterday we moved from our previous office space into…well to be completely honest, another room that would be within spitting distance if it weren’t for a couple of walls and us not wanting to spit on our own office. In any case, I mention this because once again Dancing Dinosaur Games will be moving office, though this time it’s a much bigger move. Ok, ok, it’s the other end of the block but it’s a whole new building this time. And it has way more space for us than our current office, so much so that we’ll have roughly three times the desk space each.



There’s still plenty left to do before we can move into the new office, like getting desks, some partitions, power for our equipment, our computers, etc. We’ll be getting all of that done soon and hopefully we’ll be all finished and moved in by early December.



Collateral-wise, progress is still chugging along. This week we’ve been doing some updates to UI assets, weapon tweaks, AI tweaks, bug fixes, and plenty more. Mostly minor things but they’re all important, as the little things always are.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. –David

GCAP Was Epic

Hey everyone!

This week the whole team attended GCAP, or Game Connect Asia Pacific, here in Melbourne. As always it was a great event where we had a chance to learn, socialize, and make some great connections with both the local and broader game dev community. We even got to attend the Australian Game Developer Awards. It was a great reminder that we’re working in such a talented local industry. Hopefully in years to come we’ll be winning those awards too.

A big thanks to all the organizers and sponsors of the event, including Epic Games and their VP Jay Wilbur who attended the conference. We got a chance to talk with Jay and his wife, which was awesome. We may have changed their view of Australia when we mentioned that we eat kangaroos here, which always seems to surprise people from other countries. It shouldn’t be that surprising though. Kangaroos are delicious.


You know who else sponsored GCAP this year? Us! We love seeing events like this being held in Australia so it felt great to give back to the community this year.

In other news, we’ve been doing some tests for various potential tweaks and changes recently. Some of these have resulted in… interesting bugs. Like when we made some changes that affected the physics simulation…

So yeah, that needs some work. Just thought you guys might want a look at something a little more behind-the-scenes than usual once in a while. As is literally evident from this video, things don’t always run smoothly in Collateral. I’m sure there are other metaphors or puns I could create from this video, probably something to do with wheels or turning, but I won’t.

That’s all for this week. Not a lot of dev work to report on, but GCAP took up most of the week. We’ll be back to our normal routine next week. And keep an eye out in the next few weeks as we hope to have a few big announcements.

Till then, thanks for reading! –David

A Good Idea

Hey everyone!

After sorting out a few things, we have now sent out our backer surveys for Kickstarter backers. This means that Kickstarter early access backers can look forward to getting their hands on the current alpha fairly soon.

Careers expo close

To those of you who stopped by and talked to us at the AIE booth at the Herald Sun Careers Expo recently, thanks for helping us meet our minimum social interactions for the month! Seriously though, it was great to have people try Collateral, ask us questions, and make suggestions.

Careers expo booth

It’s kind of odd how often people make a seemingly simple suggestion or ask us an otherwise obvious question that make us take a look at the game and think “Why hadn’t we considered that before?” Not all of these ideas are things that we think are worthwhile in the long run, but some have been interesting to ponder. Some have even lead to other ideas that we’re considering for later in development. If you have ideas or questions about Collateral, try to remember them in case you see us at our next public showcasing. I’m not sure what that will be (we’re not going to PAX Prime or anything like that) but when it comes up we’ll be sure to mention it.

And speaking of questions and suggestions, if you have any right now then feel free to post comments on our website, Facebook, Tweet at us, or just yell at us in the street if you recognize us. Try to make sure it really is one of us for that last one though, otherwise it might be really awkward.

Thanks for reading! – David

PAX Wrap and Review

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a good week. Ours was really busy, starting with PAX Aus over the weekend. We had Collateral on display and plenty of people stopped to have a go. Thanks to all of you for stopping by to check us out (especially all you giant, anthropomorphic batteries).

Battery Man

While at PAX we had a writer for Kotaku come and play the game, which he reviewed in his article PAX Australia 2013: Day Three. I think he liked us.

Our Kickstarter is almost half over and we’re sitting at about 44% of our total raised so far. We still have plenty of time to reach our goal and we’re confident that we can make it, but we still need your support. Every little bit helps, so please share our Kickstarter with all your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, random people on public transport, just basically anyone who likes video games (because who doesn’t?) or helping small businesses to succeed.


Collateral on Kickstarter

Greenlight has also been doing well. We had a jump in votes following PAX, which was great, but if you haven’t voted for us and you’re on Steam then we’d really appreciate it if you go check us out there too.

We’ve also started doing some interviews and sharing preview builds for a handful of reviewers. The first interview was for Jump Start with MegapiemanPHD and was recorded earlier this week. Once it’s online we’ll share the link around. In the meantime, RaetacRages has posted a gameplay preview of Collateral on his YouTube channel.

We’ll be posting another update on Kickstarter early next week featuring a video that gives some background on the various factions that occupy New Bedlam, as well as some of the faction themed weaponry that can be obtained by siding with them.

Till then, thanks for reading and we’ll be back again with more on Collateral next week. –David

Kickstarter Kick-Off

I said we’d be back soon, and I wasn’t kidding! It’s finally here! Our Kickstarter is up and running right here:


Check out the rewards we have available, like Collateral posters, Kickstarter-exclusive T-shirts, and this awesome 3D-printed cab you can get. It’s limited to just 5 backers, so if you want one you’d better get in early before they’re all spoken for.


But that’s not all. This is also your best chance to get a copy of Collateral while it’s at its cheapest. By backing now you can secure yourself a copy of the final game, or even early access, at a reduced cost to the eventual release price.

We’re doing really well on Greenlight. We’ve had a lot of great comments and we appreciate everyone’s feedback. Thanks to everyone who has voted already, and please remember to keep sharing it.

So please, check us out on Kickstarter and tell all your friends about us. Thanks for reading, guys! -David

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