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But Wait, There’s Even More!!

Hey everyone!

As promised, here are some screenshots of the things we mentioned last week.

Damage effects
The new damage effects make your taxi look more scraped and dinged up as you take hits, and you’ll leave sparks when you collide with things to give you a better feel of grinding metal.

Paintjob 1Paintjob 2
With more paintjobs and our new paint and glow options, you can have even more variety for your cab’s appearance. The Colour sliders adjust the highlight colour of the taxi’s body and upgrades, while the glow sliders affect the colour of the luminescent panels and the under light.

Paintjob 3Paintjob 4
I also mentioned the new missions last week. Here’s how they work.

BGH mission
In a Big Game Hunt mission, you’ll be tasked with hunting down a particular vehicle much like in an Assassination mission, however your target is a massive Juggernaut. The Juggernaut is also a lot more deadly than it used to be with increased health and newly installed drunk missiles.

Volatile mission
The other mission type is the Volatile Package mission. This is a variation of the Smooth Ride mission type, however instead of transporting a passenger with an uneasy stomach you’ll be carrying a rather dangerous item that has violent consequences if you don’t take care in your delivery.

Oh, and for those wondering about our progress with Steam…

Now playing Collateral
…we’re getting closer.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading. –David

The Good, The Bad, And The Update

Hey everyone!

As you might have heard, Collateral got Greenlit this week. Yay! It was a long and tough road, but we made the steady climb up the ranks with help from all of you. As you may expect though, there’s a bit of a process we’ll need to go through before we’ll be ready to launch on Steam.

Now for the less-good news. As you may have guessed, our progress isn’t exactly looking good for the mid-year release that we were hoping to achieve. There are a multitude of reasons for this. One big reason is the change of engine, going from UDK to Unreal Engine 3, which has led to unexpected complications. Specifically certain compatibility changes need to be made and a number of systems are being upgraded now that we have access to more features of the engine, which in some cases means rebuilding the particular system almost entirely from scratch. It’s time consuming, but it will produce better results.

We’ve also had to, as is the case with a lot of small studios, dedicate part of the team to doing contract work in order to help pay for things like rent and bills, so not having the full team able to keep working on Collateral all the time has slowed things down. Other, mostly minor, things have got in the way too and the end result of all of this is that Collateral is going to take longer than expected to complete, but it will also be of better quality than it was originally going to be.

It sucks that we won’t have Collateral ready for release by mid-year, but we are still hopeful for a late 2014 release. This isn’t guaranteed, but it’s what we’re aiming for. As the game gets closer to being finished we’ll be able to give a more precise release date. I know that’s not the kind of news you were hoping to hear this week, but it’s the unfortunate reality of the situation.

For Kickstarter backers whose reward includes helping to create content (characters, billboards, and cab skins) you should have received a Skype contact request today, unless we have an alternate means to contact you. In the coming weeks we’ll be looking to set up meetings with you to discuss your rewards and get the ball rolling. If you don’t hear from us immediately, don’t panic. We haven’t forgotten you, it’s just difficult organizing a bunch of meetings when some people are on the far side of the planet.

Apart from all that, we’ve had a lot of other good news lately and we can’t wait to tell you about all of it as soon as we can. And by that I mean there are things we aren’t supposed to talk about right now, however I CAN say that we’ll have some of that good news to share with you very, VERY soon.

That’s all for now. We’ll be back with more news next week, possibly sooner than you think. –David

We’ve Been Greenlit!

We’ve been Greenlit!

BruceMindBlownYAY! WOO! We can’t thank you all enough. Really, we can’t, so I’m only going to try once. Thank you to everyone that voted for us, everyone who asked their friends to vote for us, everyone who forced their friends to vote for us, and everyone else who contributed to the process who doesn’t feel adequately thanked enough. We couldn’t have done it without you.

This is just a celebratory shout-out to let you all know it happened, so we’ll be back with more news on Friday.

MORE YAY! –David

Sometimes A Tunnel Is Just A Tunnel

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the dinosaur image submissions, though most were submitted to us personally rather than through comments. We’ve added them to the window and they now mercilessly block out the sun. Dinosaurs are finally getting some revenge against space!


Not pictured: Sunlight, because it’s hiding from the awesome dinosaurs.


Still no sunlight, possibly from laser interference or something.

As you may remember, we got into the top 100 on Greenlight not that long ago. Well after another bunch of games got through we’re now in the top 50!

Not long to go now until we’re Greenlit! Yay!

On a development note, you’ve seen the Green Zone and the Redlight District, and we’ve shown you previews of the Industrial Zone. Now it’s time to show you what’s in between. Behold…a tunnel!

Tunnel Update 01
Impressive, I know. And what’s more the train we showed off recently will have its track run straight through the middle of that tunnel just for some added difficulty when trying to navigate a somewhat confined space. After all, there’s nothing like routing a massive train through a tunnel. Why are you looking at me like that?

Anyway, as always thanks for reading! –David

(Also, apologies for the photos. They were taken with my phone, so the quality kinda sucks.)

Wonderful View From Up Here

Hey everyone!

So as they do, Steam has Greenlit another batch of games as of last week. As it happens I only check Greenlight about once a week and by chance I didn’t notice the last batch till now. Why is any of this significant? Because when everything settled after that batch of games got through Collateral was sitting at #94!


Thank you to all of you that have voted for us thus far. If you haven’t voted for Collateral on Greenlight yet, or if you have any friends on Steam that haven’t voted for us yet then please help us edge that little bit closer to being Greenlit ourselves!

We’ll be back on Friday with a regular update. For now, yay Greenlight! –David

Just In Time For Christmas! *wink*

Hey everyone!

We have some really big news this week. Collateral is now in open alpha! If you didn’t back us on Kickstarter you can now purchase your copy of Collateral (and all subsequent updates) via the Humble widget on the Collateral home page of our site. It will also be on sale from Desura in the next couple of days.

Collateral is also doing fairly well on Greenlight, but if you haven’t voted for us yet we still need more help to get through to the top 100. Who knows, maybe your help could get us through the next batch of Greenlit games. You can find Collateral’s Greenlight page here:

We’ll be going on holidays from next Friday, so this is probably the second last update you’ll see from us until next year. In the meantime, thanks for reading. –David

Kicking To A Close

Hello everyone!

We have officially passed our initial goal on Kickstarter!
At the time of writing this we are sitting at $15,565 with 58 hours to go. If you haven’t pledged yet but you’ve been thinking about it, or you want to put in a little more for an add-on then now’s your best chance.

For another chance to see Collateral in action, we’ll be showcasing at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment’s (AIE) booth at the Herald Sun Careers Expo in Melbourne. The expo is on August 16-18 (Fri-Sun) at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. If you’re going to be there, come check us out and try your hand at Collateral.

Development-wise, the faction weapons are progressing nicely. I’ve been working on getting Cthulhu Corp’s Vortex Summoner (which is a working title for the weapon incorrectly listed in our Kickstarter update video as the Soul Stealer. That’s a different thing that will be coming later) and Octopi’s Whale of Mass Destruction. They’re still in a somewhat prototype stage though. For example, I am temporarily using a teddy bear instead of a whale because the asset is literally something we had just lying around. Death by adorableness! The functionality of both weapons, however, is working rather well.

That’s all from us for now. Thanks for reading. –David

Rules of Shotgun

Hey everyone!

It’s been a big week for us. We’ve been making the rounds in some very cool gaming news sites, first and foremost being Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Since that article went up about 5 days ago we’ve seen a massive response on Kickstarter. We’d like to thank all of our backers so far for getting us to 80% of our goal. We’ve only got a little less than $3000 to go and 9 days to get it, so things are looking pretty good.

We’ve been keeping our eyes on the articles that have been posted recently and something that came up a lot in comments was vertical movement. As such, we’ve talked about it in our latest Kickstarter update. Hopefully this helps clear things up. We’ve also demonstrated a sample of modified weapons. The examples we used in the update were quick tests, so they’re a bit rough. Weapons and projectiles are still undergoing a few significant changes that will at least somewhat affect the way mods will be done.

For any of our new fans who aren’t aware, Collateral is also on Greenlight. So if you’re a Steam user and would like to see Collateral available on Steam in the future then please vote for us here.

On Monday, Josh appeared on The Multicast along with hosts Titanium Basher and Corib3ar. Check out what they had to say.

Apart from all that, the new faction weapons mentioned in our previous update are beginning to take shape. Nothing we can show off just yet, but all in good time.

So that’s about it for this week. Thanks for reading! –David

PAX Wrap and Review

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a good week. Ours was really busy, starting with PAX Aus over the weekend. We had Collateral on display and plenty of people stopped to have a go. Thanks to all of you for stopping by to check us out (especially all you giant, anthropomorphic batteries).

Battery Man

While at PAX we had a writer for Kotaku come and play the game, which he reviewed in his article PAX Australia 2013: Day Three. I think he liked us.

Our Kickstarter is almost half over and we’re sitting at about 44% of our total raised so far. We still have plenty of time to reach our goal and we’re confident that we can make it, but we still need your support. Every little bit helps, so please share our Kickstarter with all your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances, random people on public transport, just basically anyone who likes video games (because who doesn’t?) or helping small businesses to succeed.


Collateral on Kickstarter

Greenlight has also been doing well. We had a jump in votes following PAX, which was great, but if you haven’t voted for us and you’re on Steam then we’d really appreciate it if you go check us out there too.

We’ve also started doing some interviews and sharing preview builds for a handful of reviewers. The first interview was for Jump Start with MegapiemanPHD and was recorded earlier this week. Once it’s online we’ll share the link around. In the meantime, RaetacRages has posted a gameplay preview of Collateral on his YouTube channel.

We’ll be posting another update on Kickstarter early next week featuring a video that gives some background on the various factions that occupy New Bedlam, as well as some of the faction themed weaponry that can be obtained by siding with them.

Till then, thanks for reading and we’ll be back again with more on Collateral next week. –David

Kickstarter Kick-Off

I said we’d be back soon, and I wasn’t kidding! It’s finally here! Our Kickstarter is up and running right here:


Check out the rewards we have available, like Collateral posters, Kickstarter-exclusive T-shirts, and this awesome 3D-printed cab you can get. It’s limited to just 5 backers, so if you want one you’d better get in early before they’re all spoken for.


But that’s not all. This is also your best chance to get a copy of Collateral while it’s at its cheapest. By backing now you can secure yourself a copy of the final game, or even early access, at a reduced cost to the eventual release price.

We’re doing really well on Greenlight. We’ve had a lot of great comments and we appreciate everyone’s feedback. Thanks to everyone who has voted already, and please remember to keep sharing it.

So please, check us out on Kickstarter and tell all your friends about us. Thanks for reading, guys! -David

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