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Altered Abomination

Hey everyone!

The Pharol is looking much fancier now with a coat of paint, a remodeled rear end, and some CC corporate branding. It’s seen some remodeling and revision since the concept and first pass model, so let’s take a look at how it is now.

Aesthetically speaking, the spiraled rear “wheels” didn’t really work with the overall appearance of the vehicle so they were scrapped in favour of the glowing organic conduits of otherworldly power. It seemed to look a little neater than the original concept, and generally works better for the design of a hovering vehicle.

The design doesn’t include a windshield or any obvious windows because as masters of the eldritch arts the drivers have no need to see through conventional means. Design-wise that allows the top surface of the Pharol to have the faction branding right in the front and have subtle details spread across the rest of the roof. It also helps give the impression that the vehicle could almost be a living creature.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –Mark

Executive Influence

Hey everyone!

There are many powerful and enigmatic organizations in New Bedlam. Some focus on scientific prowess, some on advanced technology, but Cthulhu Corp aren’t like the others.

Cthulhu Corp is a business founded on mystical arts and ancient religious rites. They use these practices as the basis for conducting their various business endeavours throughout New Bedlam, as well as providing mystical services to rival those of technology and science.

The eldritch power of their high level executives can even warp the very reality around them. In fact, those very same reality warping powers are what lead to the hybrid vehicles utilized by Cthulhu Corp. The mere presence of these individuals helped to merge sophisticated hover-vehicle technology with the forms of strange and otherworldly entities.

These images are just a work-in-progress look at their standard vehicle, the Pharol, but you can see how the organic tendril-like features play into the vehicle’s form.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

Update Update

Hey everyone!

As it approaches, we’re ironing out exactly what will be in the upcoming content update. There are a few things that we’re still not sure about, but what we can say it will include are:

• 16 new faction-specific vehicles,
• 8 new taxi upgrades,
• 4 new weapons, and
• A whole new city district to explore!

A few other things still might sneak in. Maybe another weapon, or a new upgrade, but nothing we’re going to let get in the way if everything else is ready to go. We still can’t give a date for when these things are going to be ready, but when they are the update will be out as soon as feasibly possible thereafter.

It may bear mentioning at this time for anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with us that we are only a small team and some of us can’t dedicate our full time to Collateral. This is why our development pace may seem a little slow. That said, we are committed to seeing this through and look forward to all of you seeing our final vision of the game realised.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading! –David

City Building

Hey everyone!

The Commercial Zone is where the power players of New Bedlam do their business. The district is home to the headquarters of Cthulhu Corp, Octopi, and NOR among many other wealthy and influential corporations that do business all across the city.

Commercial District Updated Renders 01It’s also getting very close to being finished, and Riley is moving on to begin work on the next and final area of the city, the Destroyed Zone. I’m sure you can guess why it’s called that, though the answer may surprise you.

Commercial District Updated Renders 04We’re working on polishing up the district and adding in proper spawning for all the faction vehicles we’ve been showing off, as well as fixing up a bunch of weapons and upgrades. Once all of those are done we’ll be putting out an update with all of that new content, though we aren’t sure exactly when that will be. Stay tuned.Commercial District Updated Renders 03That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

Heavy Molecular Science!

Hey everybody!

Mark here again to take you through the ins and outs of the new vehicle in production, the Plasmid’s bigger sister, the Genome.

OCTOPI Genome (WIP) - 01
When designing heavy vehicles I have to be conscious of how big they can to be, as we have found that when a vehicle gets over a certain size it gets caught on the corners of buildings and can have other difficulties navigating the city. So when modelling larger vehicles I adjust the design so it keeps the scale and grandeur of the original concept, even if they’re not as large and impressive as they otherwise might have been.

OCTOPI Genome (WIP) - 02
One particular modelling challenge was getting the curve and indentation right while keeping the main body of the vehicle flowing, smooth, and organic. Keeping to the structural aesthetic of the faction, the engine intakes have a hexagonal shape resembling molecular skeletal formulas and the double helix engines were taken from the Plasmid for consistency.

OCTOPI Genome (WIP) - 03
We hope that you enjoyed this look at Octopi’s new heavy vehicle and we’ll see you next time. Thanks for reading! -Mark

Smart Design

Hey everyone!

We’re back with some more vehicular works in progress. Instead of telling you about this vehicle in particular, I’m going to take you through some of the thoughts behind its design.

OCTOPI Plasmid (WIP) - 01
Octopi’s faction vehicle designs went through a number of iterations, from paying homage to the Jetsons to an art-deco approach with a retro-futuristic vibe. However the initial designs felt too separate from the vehicles already created in game, so instead design cues were taken from the Cursi NPC vehicle. Its softer edges and shape give it a more luxurious and advanced look compared to standard factionless vehicles, suiting Octopi’s interest in advanced technology.

OCTOPI Plasmid (WIP) - 02
The final aesthetic for Octopi’s vehicles draws upon the faction’s primary business ideal, genetic manipulation. Their vehicles somewhat resemble single cell organisms, utilising hexagonal patterns and shapes as seen in skeletal formulas of molecules and a double helix DNA-like structure for the rear propulsion.

OCTOPI Plasmid (WIP) - 03
We’ll be back with the finished textured shots next time. For now, thanks for reading! –Mark


Watch Out For The Watchers

Hey everyone!

Sometimes subtle monitoring is the most effective choice for keeping society in check. NOR believes that sometimes more overt means are preferable. Enter the Executor.

NOR Executor - 01
When you need to keep an eye on a whole city and don’t care who knows it, because most of them already do, it’s very useful to have a lot of cameras everywhere. It’s even more useful to have cameras that can deal with threats and problems as they arise.

NOR Executor - 02
NOR’s eyes are everywhere, and if they settle on you and they don’t like what they see you may be in some trouble. So if you choose to oppose NOR you should keep your own eyes peeled for the Executor.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

From Trash To Terror

Hey everyone!

LEST don’t have the greatest technology available to them. They do however have tools, bits and pieces of things, and plenty of ingenuity and from that they have made the Vagabond.

LEST Vagabond - 01
The Vagabond may not be comfortable (or smell very nice) but it is quite functional. Made from a conveniently reinforced metallic waste disposal container, a couple of reclaimed jet turbines, and some really hot barrels, it’s become essentially a floating bunker for the LEST pilots within.

LEST Vagabond - 02
It’s amazing what you can do with the junk you find lying around when you have an urge to blow stuff up and take down what could very well be a tyrannical covert brainwashing organization.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

Keeping Things Under Control

Hey everyone!

NOR is a large and complex organization, and as such they thrive on order and harmony. They function as a well-oiled machine and everyone works towards a common goal. Sometimes, however, NOR employees and certain outspoken and troublesome individuals threaten the efficient operation of that machine.

NOR Subjugator - 01
Enter the Subjugator, NOR’s way of dealing with those who would cause chaos or spread slander. Loyal and commendable NOR employees use Subjugators to transport these problematic people and help readjust them to better integrate with society.

NOR Subjugator - 02
Some people may not agree with NOR’s methods, and as such Subjugator’s are also equipped to defend themselves and their passengers bound for reeducation. Never let it be said that NOR isn’t willing to help people better themselves.

That’s all for now. As always, thanks for reading! –David

The Bouncer Will Mess You Up

Hey everyone!

Most factions of New Bedlam have access to advanced technology and/or other sophisticated means for developing their vehicles. LEST, however, don’t have such means at their disposal. But as the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

LEST Bouncer - 01
The Bouncer, is part plane, part caboose, and all recycled components from whatever was lying around. LEST essentially used whatever parts they could find to make an unlikely behemoth.

LEST Bouncer - 02
It may seem like a mess at first glance, and realistically it is, but the Bouncer is still a force to be reckoned with in the streets of New Bedlam.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

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