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Completing The Cursi

Hey everyone!

This week we can show you the completed Car Cartel Cursi. As you can see, it has only had some very slight changes over its development from the original concept.

Cursi Update 01
The Cursi fits quite well into the CBD environment where it will most commonly be found. The sleek and rounded design is an uncommon feature that will give it a fairly recognizable silhouette amongst the traffic of New Bedlam. There will be other colour variants when you see them flying around the city, so this is merely the basic white display model.

While the Cursi is just a casual NPC vehicle that can be found typically minding its own business, there are also vehicles from each of the various factions that will populate the city. More on those another time.

For now, thanks for reading! -David

LEST But Not Least

Hey everyone!

We’ve mentioned all of the factions before, but we haven’t really talked much about LEST. Our good buddy Doug is still all that we can really show you of them because we haven’t yet begun work on the city district in which LEST primarily operates. However, let’s talk a bit about the League of Extraordinary Super Transients.

Doug Liquor
The League are a group partially composed of the financially-ill-equipped and the real estate-incapable. However there are many in their upper ranks who, until certain unspecified recent events, had been at the opposite end of the spectrum. With their homes gone and their fortunes lost, LEST turns their attention to those they suspect of being at fault: their old rival, NOR.

What were these mysterious events? What’s the history between LEST and NOR? Perhaps we’ll share more in time. For now, thanks for reading! -David

Creating The Cursi

Hey everyone!

You may recall our recent post about new NPC vehicles. In particular we mentioned the Car Cartel Cursi would be a new vehicle in the CBD. Since creating the billboard for it, Mark has been modelling the vehicle itself.

CC Cursi 3
There are some minor alterations from the billboard version, and the texturing hasn’t been done yet, but you can see the evolution of the concept.

Update Car ad
The simple looking design is more complex underneath, with sizable engines reflecting the power of the more powerful class who own them. This is the first of the new vehicles we’ll be adding, so there will be more to come in the future.

CC Cursi 4
That’s all for this week. Hope you’re all enjoying the Steam sale! Thanks for reading. -David

Business Business Business

Hey everyone!

Last week’s update was a little less visually stimulating than usual, so this week we have a bevy of business billboards to show off.

Commercial District 05Commercial District 06
Apart from the major factions there are a lot of other businesses operating around New Bedlam, some big and some small, and they are all vying for attention. These represent just a handful of the businesses in the CBD area of the city.

Commercial District 04Commercial District 03
Speaking of the CBD, we’ve been asked a few times recently when we’ll be releasing another content update. The CBD will be the major feature of our next update, so once it is finished and a number of in-transition features are back to being fully functional again we’ll be able to put out another release. We can’t promise a time frame on that right now, but hopefully it will be in the not-too-distant future.

Commercial District 01
More on that another time. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! -David

Better Saved Than Sorry

Hey everyone!

We’ve noticed an issue that has also been brought to our attention by players regarding saved games. Some people have accidentally clicked New Game and lost all of their progress when the new game starts and writes over the only save file. This, we thought, is a problem. Our solution? We’re implementing multiple save files.

Essentially you’ll be able to select either to start or load one of 4 game files, meaning it will require more than 1 click to clear a whole game’s progress. It’ll also mean that you can play through the game multiple times without having to delete your previous progress first.

We’re still tinkering with the implementation so sadly no screenshots of this just yet, but it should be working pretty soon.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading. -David

Vehicular Variation

Hey everyone!

In Collateral you’re a taxi driver. Your taxi is your key to the city, your paycheck, and your life. But what about the other denizens of New Bedlam? How do they get around? Well, they have a wide assortment of vehicles at their disposal, and to keep things interesting we’re making that assortment even wider.

Update Car ad
Mark has started designing some new cars, like the CC Cursi, that will be showing up in certain districts. You’ll be more likely to see sporty cars like this in a high class area like the CBD, while Rip-Off Rileys’ tow trucks would be less prominent in that area. Hopefully this will help give a more dynamic element of character to different parts of the city.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

Why? Because Science!

Hey everyone!

You’ve seen the dark and mysterious Cthulhu Corp advertising, so this week we’re featuring the latest bright and bold ads from Octopi.

Unlike Cthulhu Corp, Octopi are all about science! They specialize in making you better by gene therapy and cybernetic manipulation. Want to intimidate and impress people? Become a half shark, half robot cyborg! Want to live underwater? You need some gills and a tail fin!

There’s definitely a bias toward aquatic things, but for a company called Octopi that probably shouldn’t be surprising. And who knows, maybe having a fish tail and tentacle arms would be handy, uh, so to speak.

Become Something New today! Thanks for reading. -David

Not So Subtle

Hey everyone!

Last week we talked about the inter-district tunnels that lead to the CBD. They’ve been changed a little and fancied up a bit more this week. As mentioned last week, each tunnel leads to a particular landmark and they are each thematically decorated to fit.

Cthulhu Corp StatuesCC_tunnel
Those landmarks are faction headquarters, specifically those of Cthulhu Corp, Octopi, and NOR (not pictured). Each tunnel is lined with statues representing the appropriate faction and the colours in the tunnel are also suitably themed.

Octopi StatuesOctopi_tunnel
We want the city to feel like the factions really own and control the world around you, as should be obvious from all of the billboards and corporate advertising everywhere. Details like these are yet more symbols of the corporate dystopia that dominates New Bedlam.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading. -David

Going Somewhere

Hey everyone!

The CBD is looking better every day, and with a new district on its way we need a way to get there. So, we bring you a fancier tunnel!

These new tunnels will connect the Greenzone to the CBD in three places, each leading to a specific landmark in the CBD. As such, each tunnel will also have its own little unique touch that we’ll show off a bit next week.

The tunnels have yet to be placed in the city itself, though they are just about ready. A few little tweaks and they’ll be ready to go.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

Everything Is NORmal

Hey everyone!

There are many mysterious organisations in New Bedlam, and NOR is most definitely one of them.

Their head office in the CBD is a monument of simplicity and obscurity. No one outside of NOR knows who is in charge, mostly because everyone working for NOR looks like everyone else working for NOR. Their mantra is conformity and order, and they would greatly appreciate your compliance.

They have had recent troubles with a group calling themselves the League of Extraordinary Super Transients, or LEST, of which our good friend Deadtooth Doug is a member. We’ll talk some more about them another time.

Thanks for reading. -David

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