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It’s The Big One

Hey everyone!

It’s not quite finished, Mark‘s still doing the finishing touches, but this week we want to show you another of Big Larry’s vehicles, the El Grande, because it’s a fun looking truck and we love the idea behind it.

BL- El-Grande WIP 01
The El Grande is primarily a transporter for Big Larry’s most popular product, burritos. However, not all of them are made for eating. Some of them are specially designed to be used to defend the truck from those who would wish to harm its cargo. When threatened, the El Grande can raise its massive burrito trailer to reveal the aperture containing the weaponized snacks.

BL- El-Grande WIP 02
Unlike the Burrito Rockets used by the Burrito Launcher that the player will be able to use, the Burrito Missiles used by the El Grande will have a degree of tracking to help find their target. The truck will fire bursts of multiple burritos at a time, a mechanic that will also be used in certain taxi-mounted weapons (though not necessarily with burritos).

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

Learning To Drive In New Bedlam

Hey everyone!

This week I’m going to talk about the programming stuff I’ve been working on. As I said a little while ago, my main focus lately has been rewriting the NPC vehicle code. It’s been a long journey, and I’m far from done, but I’ll give you an update on what I’ve been trying thus far.

So I started by just throwing a bunch of Actors with a vehicle mesh into a level with a network of paths to see if I could get them to follow said paths. That worked, but obviously wasn’t the most impressive thing since the meshes didn’t turn or anything, they just shifted around.

After that I tried some tests of physics-based movement to try to harness rigid body movement and physical interactions. There weren’t any hilarious incidents, and sadly I didn’t capture any footage of it anyway. In the end I decided to abandon the physics-based movement because of the additional physics tick overhead that was causing me problems.

So for now I’ve gone with much more basic movement mechanics. It took a little tweaking to stop over-turning and swerving, but eventually the vehicles settled into a much nicer pattern. Now I have some basic driving mechanics for a few hundred vehicles populating the scene.

The downside to all of this? Well unfortunately with the lack of physics-based movement I’m having trouble with collisions and physical reactions. The vehicles don’t currently collide with the player or each other, so now I’m focusing on collision issues to try to fix that.

That’s all for now. Hopefully that helps explain the programming stuff I’ve been up to. -David

Corporate Secrets

Hey everyone!

Cthulhu Corp are a mysterious group who are always up to strange and terrifying things. Often those things are hidden away behind closed doors, but sometimes they make no effort to hide their arcane endeavours. Endeavours like… whatever this is.

Mystery Blob

What could this mysterious blob be? Well right now all I’m going to say is that you will find this mysterious orb and its appendages near the Cthulhu Corp headquarters in the Central Business District of New Bedlam. It’s still a work in progress, so we’ll show you more in a future update when it’s looking a little more eldritch and Lovecraftian.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! -David

Varying Standards

Hey everyone!

This week we have a pair of finished vehicles to show off. In fact, they are the opposing pair of standard vehicles for the Carnies’ Union and the Strippers’ Society.

Speaking of “standard” vehicles, we haven’t fully explained what that means. In a post not that long ago we showed the updated vehicle concepts for JRC and Big Larry, and in the images the vehicles shown were labeled as Light, Standard, and Heavy. These are basic terms that we use to describe the relative strength of each faction vehicle. The Light vehicles are smaller and quicker but weak, whereas the Heavy vehicles are slower and less maneuverable, but much tougher. Standard vehicles, naturally, fall somewhere in between.

CU-ManicBug 01
The Manic Bug is the Carnies’ standard vehicle. The chassis drew inspiration from the classic VW Beetle shape, while the rest is mostly engine and exhaust. The Carnies have a bit of a taste for excess when it comes to style, so the more pipes and flames they can have the better.

The Strippers’ Society, on the other hand, are far more practical and subtle in their design choices. Subtle other than the bright pink and purple, obviously. The A.P.C. is the Strippers’ balance of power, protection, and performance. The armour plating will be paired with moderate armaments, making it formidable but not as potent as their Heavy vehicle, the Blitz.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

Spicing Things Up

Hey everyone!

This week we’ve got a hot new vehicle model for you to check out from the very hungry engineers at Big Larry, the Picante.

BL- Picante 01
When your main business is Mexican cuisine it shouldn’t be surprising if your automotive engineers, who probably began their careers stuffing tortillas for hours at a time, create a car that looks like a taco. At least they remembered to fill it with the good stuff, making the Picante the go-to standard vehicle for Big Larry’s employees.

BL- Picante 02
It’s changed a little since the concepts were done, however the general shape and features are still the same. We talked a bit about the design and decided that if it’s shaped like a taco it needed a bit more… taconess, thus the band of tortilla on the sides.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

Business Matters

Hey everyone!

Some time ago we posted an early preview of the next area of New Bedlam, the Central Business District or CBD. Since then it has been improved upon and plenty of little details have been added.

CBD update
The above images are a before, showing the state of the district the last time we talked about it, and after, showing how the district look now. Obviously this is just one little corner of the area though, so let’s also look at some more recent additions. In another corner of the district we have the Treecore building and Pyramid Trust. They are a couple of new examples of the vast business presence in the city, and particularly in this district.

The last major thing that needs to be done for the district is the addition of the road network for traffic. However, this won’t be happening just yet because I’m still rewriting the entire traffic system. The vehicles were less than intelligent before and the code was a mess. I’m hoping to fix both of those issues in this rewrite while also improving performance. It might take some time to get it right though, but I’m doing my best.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

Not Your Typical Clown Car

Hey everyone!

This week we have another peek at a more polished and finished faction vehicle. This time it’s the Carnies’ Union heavy vehicle, the Cracked Roach.

CU-CrackedRoach 01
The Roach’s face may look a little familiar to anyone who’s driven around New Bedlam’s Red Light District. It’s heavily based on, but not quite the same as, the face at the entrance to the Freak Circus tent that the Carnies call home.

CU-CrackedRoach 02
The missiles just above the head will probably be swapped out for something else, or potentially removed altogether, but on the roof you can see a pair of the Carnies’ signature weapon, the Jack in the Box. It’s a bit of an unpredictable weapon, but it has huge potential. Maybe it’ll fire a few bullets, maybe a missile, maybe an ion blast. You won’t know until you pull the trigger.

Faction Weapon Update - Jack In The Box
The Jack in the Box is also a weapon that you can acquire if you choose to ally yourself with the Carnies’ Union.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

Feast Your Eyes

Hey everyone!

This week we bring you the updated concept sheets for the feuding fast food franchises, JRC and Big Larry.

Friday Update - Final JRC Concepts
Here you can see JRC’s bright, warm orange motif with their chicken-y flairs highlighted on each vehicle. We also have a new vehicle of theirs, the Tenders, which is smaller and more agile than the others. We went through a number of rough draft ideas for each set of vehicles, so that’s what the numbers above them are referring to.

Friday Update - Final BIG LARRY Concepts
Big Larry’s vehicles, on the other hand, are the darker compliment to their fowl rivals. The new vehicle here is the El Grande, Big Larry’s heavy vehicle, featuring a large burrito trailer. What does it contain? Could it be… your doom? Maybe you could antagonize one and find out. Or maybe you shouldn’t.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

This Tank’s Got Balls

Hey everyone!

Recently we’ve been showing you the concepts for many of the faction specific vehicles that will be found driving around New Bedlam. Now it’s time to give you a glimpse of one of those vehicles that has already been fully modeled and textured. We present to you the Strippers’ Society heavy vehicle, the Blitz.

SS-Blitz 01
As you can see, the Blitz is sporting the Strippers’ bold and vibrant faction colours. It’s also well armed with a main rotating turret on top as well as 2 small homing missile launchers on each side and, in case anyone has the smart idea of attacking from below, a large ball turret mounted on the undercarriage.

SS-Blitz 04
Not too much needed to be changed about the Blitz from concept to final model. The only significant difference is that the secondary weapons were added to help cover the numerous blind spots that a flying tank has. It’s surprising how vulnerable a tank is once you make it float in mid air.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

Some Tinkering Under The Hood

Hey everyone!

So lately I’ve been working on rewriting the entire traffic AI system. Essentially the old version of the NPC vehicles were inefficient and kind of hacked together in places. Now that I have¬† a better idea of what’s needed from all of that I’m trying to redesign with clearer goals in mind. I’m also trying to find and use more efficient existing systems within the engine that could help make things run smoother.

This has been met with some…unusual test results. I had some floating static vehicle models with their physics assets independently flipping out. Literally flipping, mind you. I’ve also had so many things fall through the testing environment ground, and that one time when I had about 50 test vehicles spawn inside one another but only collide with the player and not each other. Nothing quite as entertaining as when we got a whole bunch of whales stuck in the wall of a building, but I’ll try to capture any hilarious accidents for you all as my testing goes on.

This testing and redesigning process isn’t going to be quick, but the intention is to improve overall performance by reducing and removing a lot of inefficient code. One of the biggest problems with performance right now is the overhead for all of the AI vehicles, so hopefully I’ll come across the right solution soon.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

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