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Vehicular Variation

Hey everyone!

In Collateral you’re a taxi driver. Your taxi is your key to the city, your paycheck, and your life. But what about the other denizens of New Bedlam? How do they get around? Well, they have a wide assortment of vehicles at their disposal, and to keep things interesting we’re making that assortment even wider.

Update Car ad
Mark has started designing some new cars, like the CC Cursi, that will be showing up in certain districts. You’ll be more likely to see sporty cars like this in a high class area like the CBD, while Rip-Off Rileys’ tow trucks would be less prominent in that area. Hopefully this will help give a more dynamic element of character to different parts of the city.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

Why? Because Science!

Hey everyone!

You’ve seen the dark and mysterious Cthulhu Corp advertising, so this week we’re featuring the latest bright and bold ads from Octopi.

Unlike Cthulhu Corp, Octopi are all about science! They specialize in making you better by gene therapy and cybernetic manipulation. Want to intimidate and impress people? Become a half shark, half robot cyborg! Want to live underwater? You need some gills and a tail fin!

There’s definitely a bias toward aquatic things, but for a company called Octopi that probably shouldn’t be surprising. And who knows, maybe having a fish tail and tentacle arms would be handy, uh, so to speak.

Become Something New today! Thanks for reading. -David

Not So Subtle

Hey everyone!

Last week we talked about the inter-district tunnels that lead to the CBD. They’ve been changed a little and fancied up a bit more this week. As mentioned last week, each tunnel leads to a particular landmark and they are each thematically decorated to fit.

Cthulhu Corp StatuesCC_tunnel
Those landmarks are faction headquarters, specifically those of Cthulhu Corp, Octopi, and NOR (not pictured). Each tunnel is lined with statues representing the appropriate faction and the colours in the tunnel are also suitably themed.

Octopi StatuesOctopi_tunnel
We want the city to feel like the factions really own and control the world around you, as should be obvious from all of the billboards and corporate advertising everywhere. Details like these are yet more symbols of the corporate dystopia that dominates New Bedlam.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading. -David

Going Somewhere

Hey everyone!

The CBD is looking better every day, and with a new district on its way we need a way to get there. So, we bring you a fancier tunnel!

These new tunnels will connect the Greenzone to the CBD in three places, each leading to a specific landmark in the CBD. As such, each tunnel will also have its own little unique touch that we’ll show off a bit next week.

The tunnels have yet to be placed in the city itself, though they are just about ready. A few little tweaks and they’ll be ready to go.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

Everything Is NORmal

Hey everyone!

There are many mysterious organisations in New Bedlam, and NOR is most definitely one of them.

Their head office in the CBD is a monument of simplicity and obscurity. No one outside of NOR knows who is in charge, mostly because everyone working for NOR looks like everyone else working for NOR. Their mantra is conformity and order, and they would greatly appreciate your compliance.

They have had recent troubles with a group calling themselves the League of Extraordinary Super Transients, or LEST, of which our good friend Deadtooth Doug is a member. We’ll talk some more about them another time.

Thanks for reading. -David

We Love Crafting Lore

Hey everyone!

One of the most iconic and powerful factions in New Bedlam is the mysterious and mystical Cthulhu Corp. Much like their rival faction Octopi, Cthulhu Corp has a wide-reaching influence across New Bedlam. The signs of this, both literal and figurative, can be seen throughout the city. Cthulhu, however, is far from the only Old One operating within the corporation.

The Lord of Pain understands your suffering, though what Uitzilcapac does to help in these situations is unclear. What’s important is that it meets Cthulhu Corp’s standard for helping and that’s all that matters. 0 sane survivor complaints says it all. And then there’s the mind-melting wisdom of Kassogtha, beamed into your homes and seared into your brains every week on Cthulhu-TV.

It’s great to be back to development this week after our short break. Thanks for reading! -David

Back To Business

Hey everyone!

This week we’re taking another, closer look at the upcoming addition to the New Bedlam skyline; the Central Business District.

The bare streets of the CBD, as seen in an earlier update, have been getting some more detail lately. Lamp posts, bridges over the iconic canals, shop fronts, and billboards are helping bring life to the newest corner of New Bedlam.

There are plenty of details and unique features, big and small, around the CBD. As mentioned previously there are several faction headquarters, noteworthy landmarks, and little secrets hidden here and there. I’d love to talk about the biggest and most interesting features in the district, but we’re saving those for their own reveals.

In other news, this Sunday Collateral will be at iFest in Melbourne, located at ACMI in Federation Square. Come and say hi to Rob and give the game a try!

Thanks for reading! -David

Feel The Power!

Hey everyone!

Do you like horsepower? Do you like machines with lots of complex, moving parts? Do you like an engine that has a lot of grunt? Then this is the engine for you! Introducing the Giant Turbo (as always, a working title).

Giant Turbo Engine
As an enhanced single version of the lower-tier turbo engine, this larger version is an example of how you can step up the same kind of performance with newer upgrades. Some engines will focus on acceleration, while others will be more about increasing your max speed. As you progress and unlock new and better upgrades there will still be upgrades more focused on some traits over others.

Engine - Turbo
The Giant Turbo will share the same strengths of the more basic turbo engine but with higher stats, letting you continue to improve your performance in the direction you prefer. The same applies to other upgrade types, whether you want a shield with higher capacity in exchange for a slower recharge, or a booster that’s not quite as strong but has more staying power, there are upgrades for everyone’s taste.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! -David

Can You Dig It?

Hey everyone!

We’ve talked about him before, but now he’s finally here! Feast your eyes upon the one and only shotgun wielding hobo in an office chair on top of a flying taxi; Deadtooth Doug!

Doug is here to help as he sits above your Taxi. Simply give him the signal and he’ll start taking care of enemies left, right, and centre. He’ll also start shooting non-enemies, and probably even friendlies. Doug could do with a little lesson in identifying friend from foe, but after that he’ll be ready.

Doug is part of a new, bigger class of weapons that can occupy the entire roof space of your taxi. As such, you won’t be able to have Doug equipped at the same time as, say, an Ion Cannon. So there are new tradeoffs to be considered when setting up your layout.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading. -David

Consider Your Options

Hey everyone!

This week let’s take a look at the concept images from Mark for the additions we’re planning to add to the in-game menu. At present we’re looking to add pages for the map and faction status, as well as a page for mirroring the main menu audio options.

Pause Menu Map Work in Progress
The current fullscreen map is somewhat hard to read, so a number of people have suggested that we have a menu to access the map in order to make it easier to orient yourself. Since we’re doing that, we thought why not use the excuse to clean up the map a little as well. The addition of an opaque background and clearer icons should help with navigation. There will also probably be zoom buttons and a legend to explain the icons.

Faction Standing Work in Progress
Faction reputation is a key mechanic for story progression. This menu screen will allow you to keep track of who likes you and who doesn’t. The coloured bars will increase and decrease based on who the player helps or hurts. So before you go destroying everything in sight, consider that someone probably cares. Somehow, someone is always watching.

That’s all for now. As always, thanks for reading! -David

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