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Conventional Advertising

Hey everyone!

So a few of us are now in Adelaide at AVCon ready for the weekend. It’s going to be a fun couple of days of showcasing and testing. If you’re in Adelaide then be sure to come say hi!


We’ve already found a couple of new bugs since making the build yesterday and we’re already working to fix them. In fact, progress has been pretty good this week.

We started getting tired of always having to buy more ammunition, especially when it came to weapons with only a single shot. It started getting to the point where we’d mostly just use charged weapons or developer testing functions (read “cheats”) to improve things. So we thought to ourselves that we need to try something different. As such we’re trialling a reload system with this build where weapons go offline to reload after running out of ammo. This means no more trips to the store to restock your bullets, which means more time causing chaos!

Unfortunately the Whale of Mass Destruction did not get finished in time, despite the level of progress made of late. I underestimated how much needed to be done in such a short time so it’ll have to wait till next week instead. Thanks for reading! -David

Whale of Mass Destruction

Hey everyone!

It’s July, so now’s a good time to remind you that we’ll be going to AVCon in Adelaide later this month. If you’re in the area, come check out a preview of our next update with the new are of the city, new weapons, and maybe, just maybe, WHALES!

That’s a big maybe. The Whale of Mass Destruction is a weapon that I put on the shelf for a while, and Riley only just made these whales this week, so the weapon probably won’t be ready in time for the Indie Games Room at AVCon on July 19-20. They might be hilariously broken enough to include for comedic “Look how broken this is!” purposes, but we’ll see. They will be ready when the update goes live though.

Besides the raining whales, you may also notice that the taxi looks a little different in that video. That’s because it’s sporting one of the new custom skins that will be available. We’re looking into other ways of modifying the cab’s appearance but we haven’t decided on just how to go about it. Perhaps a color wheel, maybe just a bunch of presets, maybe a combination. We’re just not definitely sure yet.

We’ve also perfected the spicy weaponized burrito (not seen in the video) and we’re working on jetpack-wearing kamikaze chickens. Lots of weird stuff going on. Thanks for reading! -David

Industrial Grade Advertising: Chunky Edition

Hey everyone!

We’re back with more art goodness. Today I’m going to show off some of the adverts I have prepared and give you a little back story on the often mysterious world of New Bedlam.
Industrial Billboard 04
Big Larry’s main product is “Mexican style” food, so naturally he tries to channel the culture’s language, though he just ends up bastardizing it. As such, obligatory Spanish buzzwords everywhere! Also, tangentially, you may learn some Spanish.

Industrial Billboard 05Since we’re sort of overdoing it with “every billboard has a joke in it” we decided to restrain ourselves with a few and simply show off parts of the world. For example, the Loco-Motives that zoom throughout the Industrial Zone carrying cargo and death aplenty for those who would try and delay them.

Industrial Billboard 06
Finally for this weekly update is a little New Bedlam history, particularly that of Shyster Shipping. The company invested in a top-of-the-line container ship to transport all of their cargo. However, the ship ran aground after the captain underestimated how wide the ship was. Thus, to this day, the shipping containers are piled high with only trucks and trains able to move them.

The ship itself, dubbed the SS QuadColour, is a reference to the MV Tricolor, a $40 million vehicle carrier that was involved in three collisions in just over a fortnight and caused stupendous amounts of damage. It’s a little nod to those that know their maritime history.

And that’s all we’re going to show you this week, be sure to come back next week for more progress on Collateral. - Mark

By Design

Hey everyone!

So today we sat down and had a look at where Collateral is going. This meant looking at what is in-game and working, what’s partially implemented, and what we still have left to do. Personally, I always get excited to plan things out and speculate on what we can do with the game. This naturally results in tangents that are, well, interesting. Let’s just say we won’t be putting in a mission where you have to spray paint advertising on pedestrians, but we might include a mission where you have to pick up a large number of passengers like a clown car.

Some things to take away from this design meeting:

- Our next update will have the industrial district, new AI path finding, several new weapons, and Steam support! That’s right, we’ll be aiming to release on Steam Early Access with our next version, so keep an eye out.

- More missions! More types of missions and more variety for each type. We have a small assortment of things to try already, starting with some variants of current mission types, and from there we’ll expand.

- New notoriety system and Fuzz balancing. Driving around New Bedlam can feel a bit restrictive when the cops are always watching and seem to be just waiting for you to slip up. The new notoriety system will make the cops a little more sparse when nothing’s going on, but slip up and they’ll come running.

- Pedestrians. We’ve said before that we’ll be putting in pedestrians and that’s still going to happen.

- Destructible environment. While there are already objects in the city that react to physics like fences and lamp posts, we’ll be including more objects and parts of the environment that are destructible. This will probably be things like the classic Red Barrel, certain billboards, maybe some scaffolding. It will really depend on what makes sense in the given area.

- More vehicles. Not volume, but variety. We’ll be throwing in a bunch of new vehicle types with a few different skins each for added diversity. The end result of that will be a more rich assortment of traffic in the city.

- Progression. Obviously a good game needs to let you make progress. We’re looking at a bunch of different ways for the player to progress in order to give you more options when playing. This will include, duh, story progress, but also possibly involve random non-story side missions, and some means of gradual unlocks for players that just like driving around and shooting at stuff or doing random missions. Player progression will also affect AI progression, so when you start getting bigger and better guns, so will the other vehicles. After all, what’s stopping them from using the same arms dealer as you?

Well that’s only some of what we talked about today, but hopefully that’s given you some insight into what we’re planning for the near future. Thanks for reading! -David

Regular Scheduled Digital Information Dispersal

Hey everyone!

So this week has been another productive but uneventful week of development. Riley and Mark are continuing to add touches of detail to the new district. Rob is creating new effects for weapons and upgrades. The programming team are working on a whole assortment of things including completely revised AI, updates to the shop, updated equipment management (behind the scenes stuff), and various bug fixes among other things. Generally, we’re all continuing diligently with the same stuff as last week.

Something we were discussing earlier in the week was the sense of humour we’re trying to impart in our world. So a question to you all; Would you take issue with a geothermal energy company that uses an old refurbished nuclear power plant, which is so far up that you can’t even see the ground anymore, and calling itself “Fusion Industries”? Should it be more or less convoluted? Does it need more buzzwords in there somewhere, like “synergy” or “paradigm”?

That’s the kind of ironic sense of humour we’ve been going with in a lot of our brainstorming sessions, so hopefully you guys will appreciate it. That’s all we’ve got for you this week. As always, thanks for reading. -David


Hey everyone!

We’ve been getting a lot done in the office, but unfortunately there isn’t much “new” in the news this week. Everyone’s basically been working on the same things as last week, all making plenty of progress but not starting things. The industrial zone, for which we’ve had a few good name suggestions so far (keep them coming!), is looking more and more interesting. The Fuzz notoriety system is beginning to take shape, though it’s still rough and they still act kinda stupid. The new weapons and projectiles are coming along nicely with some particle effects and retouched animations. Speaking of weapons, the trains are now armed and dangerous. They’ll need some tweaking though because at the moment their “drive by shooting” style of attack is a somewhat wild and reckless hazard. Makes for an interesting new challenge getting around though. Don’t worry about getting between zones though, because there is a tunnel for regular traffic that doesn’t have a railway death wish. The shop is getting some general fixes, as those of you on Facebook may have noticed. The taxi and its upgrades are back to playing nicely with one another.

That is pretty much the current state of things. Not the most exciting update, I know, but hopefully this gives you an insight into just how much is actually being done when we usually showcase just one thing. Thanks for reading! -David

The Good, The Bad, And The Update

Hey everyone!

As you might have heard, Collateral got Greenlit this week. Yay! It was a long and tough road, but we made the steady climb up the ranks with help from all of you. As you may expect though, there’s a bit of a process we’ll need to go through before we’ll be ready to launch on Steam.

Now for the less-good news. As you may have guessed, our progress isn’t exactly looking good for the mid-year release that we were hoping to achieve. There are a multitude of reasons for this. One big reason is the change of engine, going from UDK to Unreal Engine 3, which has led to unexpected complications. Specifically certain compatibility changes need to be made and a number of systems are being upgraded now that we have access to more features of the engine, which in some cases means rebuilding the particular system almost entirely from scratch. It’s time consuming, but it will produce better results.

We’ve also had to, as is the case with a lot of small studios, dedicate part of the team to doing contract work in order to help pay for things like rent and bills, so not having the full team able to keep working on Collateral all the time has slowed things down. Other, mostly minor, things have got in the way too and the end result of all of this is that Collateral is going to take longer than expected to complete, but it will also be of better quality than it was originally going to be.

It sucks that we won’t have Collateral ready for release by mid-year, but we are still hopeful for a late 2014 release. This isn’t guaranteed, but it’s what we’re aiming for. As the game gets closer to being finished we’ll be able to give a more precise release date. I know that’s not the kind of news you were hoping to hear this week, but it’s the unfortunate reality of the situation.

For Kickstarter backers whose reward includes helping to create content (characters, billboards, and cab skins) you should have received a Skype contact request today, unless we have an alternate means to contact you. In the coming weeks we’ll be looking to set up meetings with you to discuss your rewards and get the ball rolling. If you don’t hear from us immediately, don’t panic. We haven’t forgotten you, it’s just difficult organizing a bunch of meetings when some people are on the far side of the planet.

Apart from all that, we’ve had a lot of other good news lately and we can’t wait to tell you about all of it as soon as we can. And by that I mean there are things we aren’t supposed to talk about right now, however I CAN say that we’ll have some of that good news to share with you very, VERY soon.

That’s all for now. We’ll be back with more news next week, possibly sooner than you think. -David

We’ve Been Greenlit!

We’ve been Greenlit!

BruceMindBlownYAY! WOO! We can’t thank you all enough. Really, we can’t, so I’m only going to try once. Thank you to everyone that voted for us, everyone who asked their friends to vote for us, everyone who forced their friends to vote for us, and everyone else who contributed to the process who doesn’t feel adequately thanked enough. We couldn’t have done it without you.

This is just a celebratory shout-out to let you all know it happened, so we’ll be back with more news on Friday.

MORE YAY! -David

Sounds Like A Plan

Hey everyone!

We’ve talked a lot about our visual art in past updates, and we’ve talked about the engine and programming. Something we haven’t really talked about is sound. Today I’m going to talk specifically about the music.

Music is one of those things that can really make a game. In our Kickstarter we also mentioned that we would be putting together a soundtrack as one of the rewards, and we’ve recently begun talking specifics with 2 composers, namely Jay Taylor and Kevin Greenlee, both of whom have provided music for us already. We’re impressed by the work we’ve heard from both of these guys and they sound really enthusiastic to keep working on music for us. It’s still early in the process, so I don’t have any details about what the soundtrack will be like at this stage. I would like to say though that these guys are great to work with and you should check out their work.

We might bring you a sample from them at some stage when they have something they’re happy for us to share with you, but for now I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait.

In the meantime you can check out some of Jay’s stuff here:

And you can check out Kevin’s stuff here:

As always, thanks for reading. -David

Sometimes A Tunnel Is Just A Tunnel

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the dinosaur image submissions, though most were submitted to us personally rather than through comments. We’ve added them to the window and they now mercilessly block out the sun. Dinosaurs are finally getting some revenge against space!


Not pictured: Sunlight, because it’s hiding from the awesome dinosaurs.


Still no sunlight, possibly from laser interference or something.

As you may remember, we got into the top 100 on Greenlight not that long ago. Well after another bunch of games got through we’re now in the top 50!

Not long to go now until we’re Greenlit! Yay!

On a development note, you’ve seen the Green Zone and the Redlight District, and we’ve shown you previews of the Industrial Zone. Now it’s time to show you what’s in between. Behold…a tunnel!

Tunnel Update 01
Impressive, I know. And what’s more the train we showed off recently will have its track run straight through the middle of that tunnel just for some added difficulty when trying to navigate a somewhat confined space. After all, there’s nothing like routing a massive train through a tunnel. Why are you looking at me like that?

Anyway, as always thanks for reading! -David

(Also, apologies for the photos. They were taken with my phone, so the quality kinda sucks.)

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