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Hey everyone!

So as you are all hopefully aware, this week we launched on Steam Early Access. It was an exciting and somewhat eventful launch. Almost immediately after hitting the release button our store page refused to load on my computer, and then no Steam page would load. I then realized, after confirming with some other Steam users, that the Steam servers were offline for what turned out to be close to half an hour. What a great way to follow up on a launch, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyway, with that little hiccup aside, things have been going well since launch. We’ve been getting some valuable feedback from a number of sources, and we’re listening to all of you so if you have feedback then we’d love to hear it.

To those of you indulging in the current Steam sale, may Gabe have mercy on your wallets. And remember, Christmas is just around the corner. Perhaps there’s someone you know who’d like the gift of Collateral. ;)

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading. –David

Whale Physics

Hey everyone!

I’ve mentioned a few times now that I’ve been working on getting the Whale of Mass Destruction to work. Our earlier video was just a test of the whale mesh and physics asset, but now I’ve got to the point where the weapon can actually spawn whales dynamically. Naturally I took this as an opportunity to go nuts as you can see in this new video.

So as you can probably tell there are still a few bugs with the way whales are spawning and reacting to things. As it turns out, whale physics are hard to get right.

Last week I mentioned that Riley had been working on something new and here it is: The Gun Show.


The current game setup has only a single shop, Rip-Off Riley’s (guess who that’s named after), and we had decided some time ago that we wanted separate weapon and upgrade shops. So when this is all finished you’ll have Rip-Off Riley’s for your upgrade shopping and The Gun Show for weapons.

I hope you guys enjoyed my whale-related shenanigans as much as I did. Thanks for reading. –David

To AVCon!

Hey everyone!

We welcome you back for another Collateral update. This time next week some of us will be setting up in the Indie Games Room at AVCon. We’ll be showing off both Collateral and, as an added treat, Potania for your playing pleasure. The Indie Games Room will be open on Saturday and Sunday (next weekend, the 19th-20th). Check out the promo trailer for all the other games that will also be there.

The Indie Games Room!

Development-wise, this week has mostly been about bug fixing and trying to improve performance so we can get Collateral running as nicely as possible for the next version. We’ve also been updating various effects and adding some more bits of detail here and there. Things are really coming along nicely.

So if you’re in the Adelaide area hopefully we’ll get to meet some of you next weekend. Thanks for reading! –Mark

Whale of Mass Destruction

Hey everyone!

It’s July, so now’s a good time to remind you that we’ll be going to AVCon in Adelaide later this month. If you’re in the area, come check out a preview of our next update with the new are of the city, new weapons, and maybe, just maybe, WHALES!

That’s a big maybe. The Whale of Mass Destruction is a weapon that I put on the shelf for a while, and Riley only just made these whales this week, so the weapon probably won’t be ready in time for the Indie Games Room at AVCon on July 19-20. They might be hilariously broken enough to include for comedic “Look how broken this is!” purposes, but we’ll see. They will be ready when the update goes live though.

Besides the raining whales, you may also notice that the taxi looks a little different in that video. That’s because it’s sporting one of the new custom skins that will be available. We’re looking into other ways of modifying the cab’s appearance but we haven’t decided on just how to go about it. Perhaps a color wheel, maybe just a bunch of presets, maybe a combination. We’re just not definitely sure yet.

We’ve also perfected the spicy weaponized burrito (not seen in the video) and we’re working on jetpack-wearing kamikaze chickens. Lots of weird stuff going on. Thanks for reading! –David

GCAP Was Epic

Hey everyone!

This week the whole team attended GCAP, or Game Connect Asia Pacific, here in Melbourne. As always it was a great event where we had a chance to learn, socialize, and make some great connections with both the local and broader game dev community. We even got to attend the Australian Game Developer Awards. It was a great reminder that we’re working in such a talented local industry. Hopefully in years to come we’ll be winning those awards too.

A big thanks to all the organizers and sponsors of the event, including Epic Games and their VP Jay Wilbur who attended the conference. We got a chance to talk with Jay and his wife, which was awesome. We may have changed their view of Australia when we mentioned that we eat kangaroos here, which always seems to surprise people from other countries. It shouldn’t be that surprising though. Kangaroos are delicious.


You know who else sponsored GCAP this year? Us! We love seeing events like this being held in Australia so it felt great to give back to the community this year.

In other news, we’ve been doing some tests for various potential tweaks and changes recently. Some of these have resulted in… interesting bugs. Like when we made some changes that affected the physics simulation…

So yeah, that needs some work. Just thought you guys might want a look at something a little more behind-the-scenes than usual once in a while. As is literally evident from this video, things don’t always run smoothly in Collateral. I’m sure there are other metaphors or puns I could create from this video, probably something to do with wheels or turning, but I won’t.

That’s all for this week. Not a lot of dev work to report on, but GCAP took up most of the week. We’ll be back to our normal routine next week. And keep an eye out in the next few weeks as we hope to have a few big announcements.

Till then, thanks for reading! –David

Collateral’s Greenlight and Kickstarter Mega Update!

Hey everyone! Big news this week. We’ve mentioned before that we’re planning to do a Kickstarter. Well, we can tell you now that we’ll officially be going live on Wednesday the 10th of July. Remember that date, people! Not only are we doing a Kickstarter though, we’re also on Steam’s Greenlight. Right now! Go check us out.

And now that we’re on Greenlight, we’re also launching our new trailer.

In development news, last week we showed off some of the hover pad models, so this week we’ve got the final rendered models.

Hoverpads - Turbine+

Designing these upgrades came with their own set of challenges compared to the other upgrades that I’ve developed for the cab. As with previous upgrades I have to make sure that the meshes don’t collide or get in the way of one another, e.g. making sure a part of the kill bar doesn’t block any of the guns.

Hoverpads - VTOL+

However the hover pads, unlike previous upgrades, have to be symmetrical because we couldn’t invert the scale in UDK to easily flip them around to the other side of the cab, so they’re rotated instead. But the design also has to fit both wheel arches as well, as with the A/8 Marathon car model that the car is based off, the front wheel arches are a lot larger than the rear arches.

But it’s these creative challenges that prove the merit of the designer to make something realistic that can fit within those limitations. That’s all from us this week at Dancing Dinosaur Games. Please do be sure to vote us up on Greenlight and keep an eye out for our Kickstarter Campaign. (Don’t worry, we’ll make a big deal of it so you won’t forget) – Mark

Behind the Scenes

Hey everyone, last year we had some people ask to film us while we worked. The video shows many of us working on parts of the game and talking a bit about our experience and background. We thought we’d share the insight with you guys, so here it is. –David


Hey everyone,

This week we have a new developer diary for you from Mark. This video focuses on the city’s billboards and mentions a couple of the big corporations that operate there. Check it out here:

Thanks for viewing! – David


Sorry for the delay, I might have been a little slow on the upload button. Nevertheless, here’s last week’s update. –Robert

How to Shop.

Hey guys, Mark here again for your weekly update on Collateral.

Everybody has been keeping busy over the past week (what else is new), with a lot of polishing going on. I’ve personally been polishing up some of the old vehicles, bringing them up to par with the rest of the vehicles. Also adding more varieties to the vehicles with different paint jobs applied to them, so it won’t just be Big Larry Burritos being delivered everywhere. I’ll be sure to show off those next week.

In the meantime here’s our latest tutorial video, going over the shop UI (whilst still in it’s Alpha state).

Enjoy, catch you guys/gals next week. – Mark

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