Car-ny Concepts

Hey everyone!

As we said last week, there are both common NPC vehicles that have no particular alignment like the Cursi, and then there are faction specific vehicles. Each faction will have a collection of vehicles themed towards their particular style that give the faction an active presence in New Bedlam. This week we’ve got some concepts from Mark for the Carnies’ Union vehicles.

Faction Vehicles 02
As you can see, they have an exaggerated hot rod inspired style with a hint of Twisted Metal. These are just first drafts but they represent the general idea and style of the vehicles. We’ve already discussed a few possible revisions to these designs, and they’ll likely be iterated on a few times before being made into models.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading! –David


  1. Alicia fn caps says:

    Love the cars

  2. Alicia fn caos says:

    Sorry ^^^^^ auto correct

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