Boom Boxes And Bug Fixes

Hey everyone!

Lately I’ve been fixing a lot of issues with adding the new faction vehicles and I’m glad to say that a lot of them are now resolved. Still dealing with a couple of odd, unreliable bugs (by which I mean they happen inconsistently) which is making them a little harder to track down and fix, but I’m getting close to wrapping them up.

The other thing I’ve been working on is implementing and fixing a couple of new weapons. Most recently I’ve focused on the Boom Box, which is a rear-mounted weapon that has a huge knockback effect to help you escape pursuers. My initial tests with the knockback effect were… more entertaining than helpful, but I learned a thing or two in the process. Not the least of which being that it’s possible to push other vehicles up and over buildings and walls if you really set your mind to it. I think I’ll try to exclude that possibility in the future though.

I’ve also been trying to resolve some issues with the Acid Cloud mines. I figure a single cloud probably shouldn’t instantly get you to full notoriety with the Fuzz because that just seems a little unfair.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

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