Playing Chicken

Hey everyone!

This week we have a quick peek at the work-in-progress model of JRC’s light vehicle, the Tenders. Whilst it is stylish, it may not look too impressive just yet but it’ll soon have it’s orange and white branding and be ready to shake those tail feathers on the streets of New Bedlam.

JRC-Tenders WIP, 01
And speaking of JRC, I’ve been continuing to squash bugs and fix issues with the new faction vehicles. Still got a few big problems with the heavies, but those are fairly clear and identifiable so I know roughly what needs doing to resolve them. For example, JRC’s Giant Combo needs to keep better track of its target and know when to stop firing its seemingly limitless supply of seeking chickens. It’s a mildly entertaining sight, but a little frustrating for me.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

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