Don’t Try This At Home

Hey everyone!

Next up for faction vehicles we have LEST’s light vehicle, the Stinker. The other two LEST vehicles were made by Riley, however Mark has been working on this one and is trying to stick to a similar and consistent style with this vehicle.

LEST-Stinker WIP, 02
The Stinker is a weird collection of useful junk consisting primarily of an engine, some metal drums, a shopping trolley, and some scrap metal. What exactly holds all that together is still somewhat undecided. Since LEST tend to use relatively primitive technology compared to the other factions it could very well be as simple as rebar and duct tape, but we’ll see.

LEST-Stinker WIP, 01
That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

One comment

  1. Ben says:

    So glad to see this is being regularly worked on! I’m digging the designs of the vehicles so far. Keep it up, guys.

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