Comedy Of Glitches

Hey everyone!

We’re back at work once again after taking a somewhat extended break in January, and I’ve been diving back into the myriad of bugs and issues that need resolving.

The issue I’ve got back to this week is the main cannon on the Blitz. It’s a bit of a special case compared to other weapons because it has multiple parts, which makes it just like the cannon the Juggernaut has on its trailer. I’ve had to duplicate some code for that where reuse wasn’t feasible, and I thought I’d got things fixed when suddenly something happened that I couldn’t help but laugh at.

Sadly my computer isn’t good enough to handle running the development environment, a play test instance, and recording software all at the same time without serious performance issues. If it could I would love to record some of the weird things that happen when testing, but instead I decided to draw a little comic to show you what happened.

This is why I’m not an artist. To explain a little about what happened, when a vehicle spawns it replaces an old vehicle that had despawned. The cannon hadn’t been cleaned up properly and was therefore still on the next vehicle that respawned. So that’s a little look behind the curtain at some of the craziness I’m trying to fix right now.

That’s about all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

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