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Hey everyone!

It’s that time again where the end of the year is getting so very close, and outwardly it’s been a bit of a quiet year for Dancing Dinosaur Games. We’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes though, and we’re looking forward to bringing you some exciting news and developments in 2018!

For now we’re taking a break to rest, relax, and spend time with friends and family. We’ll be back again early next year.

That’s all for this year. We’ll see you in 2018. And as always, thanks for reading! –David

Twirling Towards Freedom

Hey everyone!

Something that comes up a lot when I’m coding is the replication of existing features. Or more accurately, taking something that I did a while ago for a one-off instance of something and trying to replace it with a better, cleaner version for reuse in something else. The most recent example of that is the Blitz’s main cannon.

The Juggernaut already has a tank-style cannon mounted on its trailer that can rotate toward its target independently of the vehicle itself, so I had the basics to build from when making the Blitz. However, I wanted to write the new version in a neater and simpler way to hopefully replace the Juggernaut cannon when it was done. Of course testing new ways of doing something inevitably leads to new problems.

Well, new versions of old problems in this case that brought back memories of making the Juggernaut for the first time. I’ve been dealing with the mildly entertaining (but still frustrating) issue of “helicopter tanks”. That is to say when the turret attempts to turn toward the target it just continues to turn in one direction regardless of which direction is the quickest way to turn. Worse still they keep spinning even after they find and point towards their target, letting off the occasional shot when briefly pointing the right way.

I finally fixed the issue (I accidentally added a full rotation somewhere instead of subtracting half a rotation) so they’re not spinning out of control anymore. I’m kind of disappointed in myself for not recording any of my tests to show you, so I’ll try to remind myself to do so for any future entertaining glitches.

That’s all for now. Sorry for the wall of text, but hopefully it gave you a little insight into the kind of things I’ve been working on. Thanks for reading! –David

One Man’s Trash

Hey everyone!

LEST don’t have the greatest materials or the best facilities available to them, but they have no short supply of ingenuity and resourcefulness. Skillfully adding a little bit of salvaged tech to a bunch of what others would just call junk is all it takes to make the Stinker.

LEST-Stinker, 01
This little single-seater may look like it’s barely able to hold itself together (and to be fair, that’s not far from the truth) but it’s a testament to the tenacity of the LEST engineers who took it upon themselves to answer the question “How do we make this shopping trolley MORE deadly than it already is?”

LEST-Stinker, 03
That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

Don’t Try This At Home

Hey everyone!

Next up for faction vehicles we have LEST’s light vehicle, the Stinker. The other two LEST vehicles were made by Riley, however Mark has been working on this one and is trying to stick to a similar and consistent style with this vehicle.

LEST-Stinker WIP, 02
The Stinker is a weird collection of useful junk consisting primarily of an engine, some metal drums, a shopping trolley, and some scrap metal. What exactly holds all that together is still somewhat undecided. Since LEST tend to use relatively primitive technology compared to the other factions it could very well be as simple as rebar and duct tape, but we’ll see.

LEST-Stinker WIP, 01
That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

Love Me Some Tenders

Hey everyone!

JRC, unlike Big Larry, don’t tend to stick their logo or name in huge letters on everything they own. That doesn’t exactly mean they’re subtle, though. The Tenders are JRCs shiny new street presence, showing off their well-known orange-and-white motif with some brilliant, glowing plumage.

JRC-Tenders, 01
They are a light vehicle though and, individually, aren’t too tough or heavily armed. However, just like actual chicken tenders, it may be best for your health to avoid these in large numbers. Despite their name, they will NOT be gentle if you get in their way.

JRC-Tenders, 02
That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

Playing Chicken

Hey everyone!

This week we have a quick peek at the work-in-progress model of JRC’s light vehicle, the Tenders. Whilst it is stylish, it may not look too impressive just yet but it’ll soon have it’s orange and white branding and be ready to shake those tail feathers on the streets of New Bedlam.

JRC-Tenders WIP, 01
And speaking of JRC, I’ve been continuing to squash bugs and fix issues with the new faction vehicles. Still got a few big problems with the heavies, but those are fairly clear and identifiable so I know roughly what needs doing to resolve them. For example, JRC’s Giant Combo needs to keep better track of its target and know when to stop firing its seemingly limitless supply of seeking chickens. It’s a mildly entertaining sight, but a little frustrating for me.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

Boom Boxes And Bug Fixes

Hey everyone!

Lately I’ve been fixing a lot of issues with adding the new faction vehicles and I’m glad to say that a lot of them are now resolved. Still dealing with a couple of odd, unreliable bugs (by which I mean they happen inconsistently) which is making them a little harder to track down and fix, but I’m getting close to wrapping them up.

The other thing I’ve been working on is implementing and fixing a couple of new weapons. Most recently I’ve focused on the Boom Box, which is a rear-mounted weapon that has a huge knockback effect to help you escape pursuers. My initial tests with the knockback effect were… more entertaining than helpful, but I learned a thing or two in the process. Not the least of which being that it’s possible to push other vehicles up and over buildings and walls if you really set your mind to it. I think I’ll try to exclude that possibility in the future though.

I’ve also been trying to resolve some issues with the Acid Cloud mines. I figure a single cloud probably shouldn’t instantly get you to full notoriety with the Fuzz because that just seems a little unfair.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

Looking Tasty

Hey everyone!

The Sabroso has had a bit of body work and some stylish branding slapped on it, and now it’s ready to patrol the streets of New Bedlam looking for hungry mouths to feed. The large propulsion thrusters on the sides have been replaced with front and back hover thrusters in the finished model.

BL-Sabroso, 05
Side access to the vehicle had been momentarily overlooked, but since the Sabroso is a food truck it was important to address functionality for customers. They have to be able to reach their delicious burritos! Of course, when not serving customers the side window is covered by an armoured panel to protect its delicious cargo. And to a lesser extent, the service employee in the back.

BL-Sabroso, 04
That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

Fast, Fresh Food

Hey everyone!

Big Larry’s business is, first and foremost, selling Mexican-inspired cuisine. And sure, it makes plenty of business sense to build restaurants and let your customers come to you. But why wait when you can track them down and sell to them on YOUR schedule?

BL-Sabroso WIP, 01
The Sabroso is a food truck of the future, providing burritos to the masses (at fair and reasonable prices, of course) whenever and wherever it can find them. Find the masses, that is, not the burritos. Honestly, who would do that? Who would go looking for burritos just lying around and decide to sell them from a food truck? Probably Mecha Max from Mecha Max’s Mega Mecha Mex. Never heard of him? That’s probably because he’s not in business anymore. If you want fresh, delicious Mexican-inspired food you can trust, buy your burritos from Big Larry!

BL-Sabroso WIP, 04
The model is probably going to get a little tweaking before being textured and finished up, but it’s coming along nicely. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

Finished Flea

Hey everyone!

The Freaked Flea has all of its parts and a full paint job, so it’s getting ready to roll off the virtual assembly line. All it needed was a little extra exhaust for its clearly impractical engine and some flame decals. Everyone knows clowns love flame decals, right? Well these ones do.

CC-FreakedFlea, 01
It’s bright and vibrant and ready to bring some joy and laughter to the masses. Or that’s what it would be doing if the Carnies’ Union were comprised of ordinary clowns, however these carnival folk are anything but ordinary.

CC-FreakedFlea, 02
That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! –David

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